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Check out the full report which includes photos and analytics HERE!

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It’s not all fun and games in The Foundation. Thought I would share some of the responses I get just to show we are all dealing with the same negative responses and that we need to continue moving forward. I’m sure all those in the previous foundation like Sam Ovens and Dane Maxwell have been “continue reading awesome shit”

In a previous post I explained how I split tested all of my emails and the importance of doing so. That information can be found HERE.

I’ve tried several different versions of content in my emails and am still trying to see what evokes the best responses. I found this first template I used online from Dane Maxwell and Sam Ovens.

I’ve “continue reading awesome shit”

In this Google Hangout that Matthew Hanson put together (Kudos!), I mention strategies I’ve used after watching the Sam Ovens Mixergy interview with Andrew Warner and techniques i’ve learned from Dane Maxwell. I also mentioned my thoughts on why I’ve failed or gotten rejected cold calling so often “continue reading awesome shit”

Starting out I tried split testing and subject line techniques I heard from Dane Maxwell and Sam Ovens but I want to continue testing anything I could so I can obtain the best possible results.

Using Mailchimp I conducted the following split tests:


  • Subject Line

Split testing the subject line

Split testing the subject line

  • Delivery Time

Split testing the delivery time


Winning Results:
Delivery time of “continue reading awesome shit”